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“I want to be plant to have Photosynthesis”

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#meetingwithremarkablemen #mamuthones

#elgatobenancio impaciente no puede esperar el jueves.

#elgatobenancio #alotroladodelsueno

Esperando que hablen bien de mi.



Salí buscando Gurdjieff en las librerías viejas de la Roma. Nadie tiene el libro que buscaba. Decidí ir con una USB a la papelería. Regresé con Gurdjieff. #PDFdownload



Luis is from Guatemala, he is 25 years old. For some years he has been living alone in Chiapas. He lived with Sara working in a beach close from there; an important girl which name he got tattooed in his right leg.

After that, he had to lived in the streets, with very little work to do,…

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